Arizona, what an amazing sight of Beauty❤

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Paolo Soleri, a Visionary

Paolo Soleri, a great mind that lived his life in a semi-private fashion, sought no public attention, an introvert that admittedly saw his limits on proselytizing or to make use of marketing his visions. Dr. Soleri felt that the ever so fast growth of Homo Sapiens presence on Earth, demanded for an ongoing discussion on what permanent impact our planet was having as a result, yet the focus of attention has been distorted by priorities that take no account of the principle of sustainability. Better uses of resources, zeroing in on eliminating waste are among topics embraced by academia and political world in an effort to minimize fallout effects of the explosive human population … however in the eyes of Paolo Soleri on the architectural level, modern society has hardly made any progress. In his New York Times article, Mr. Bernstein writes: “Dr. Soleri’s basic idea was that architecture and ecology are inseparable in their effect on people”.2

Paolo Soleri conceived an ideology that led to a different model of living and different way of doing things, Arcology . . . Arcology, a synonymous of Architecture and Ecology, an architrave of sustainability that fueled Dr. Soleri’s vision with the determination to go beyond any predecessor that had coveted this idea, was deeply influenced by nanotechnologies and the pattern of efficiency found in the in-finitely small structures. He asserts “we have been prototyping habitat for thousands of years, but in taking the most complicated and most complex problem of all – the production of culture inside habitat – we have been less than coherent”1. Dr. Soleri argues that countries spend unlimited resources on super bombers and space probes going nowhere rather than looking at the issues that fast expansion of humanity and its consequent impact is having on the ecosystem.

Dr Soleri life work on sustainability rotated on the axis of maximizing resources. He supported his thesis by creating an autonomous city in the desert, Arcosanti.  Jeff Stein’s video question “How shall we live” 3 poses a vital question that interests all human beings, without provable basis of sustainability that question may remain unanswered. Arcosanti’s construction began in 1970, a long time in the works, was to serve as a model and prove the feasibility of such a Utopian concept. With a South exposure to capture the most hours of sun, the structure of this human habitat made mostly of tilt-up concrete, would bank on reserving its heat onto semi terranean greenhouses, the latter would then release the heat during the night towards the upper structure, thus acclimatizing it.  Dr. Soleri purports that suburban sprawl is not a solution; his visionary concept previews multi-layered and multidimensional urban areas, working areas within walking distance and absolutely no use for cars.

Reasons on why Arcology concept has not (yet) taken off on a wide scale, one can only speculate, political, social acceptance, economics, perhaps its communitarian principles that supported its way of life. Furthermore given that Dr. Soleri development module does not follow any known economic module one does not know how it may be implemented on a large scale.  Objectively, and for a moment, zooming out and looking at a broader time-frame of our past visionaries of innovations, and we find that most technological inventions were not around 100 years ago; at the time, those individuals that came up with such inventions, were probably considered visionaries. Yet today we take it for granted and live life day in and day out un-aware of the direct impact those inventions have on us, they have become part of our way of life.  In a world centered on consumerism, an involuntary world-wide spending “trend” ingrained right after the second world war fueled by the massive public reconstruction, Dr. Soleri theories have found scarce attention from the general public, and random attention, if any, from the architectural world.

The cyclical timing of Earth’s future shall witness what choices modern architecture will make. The kind of cultural tectonic shift that are going to be necessary for such changes to occur is speculative given the number of countries and cultures involved. The use and abuse of natural resources is making headlines more often than ever these days, and paradoxically a lot of people may suddenly wish the Arcology concept be here amongst us already. Climate change and scarcity of resources may drive a need that would heighten the instinct for survival … should circumstances present themselves, we can look up to the utopian society of Paolo Soleri a sustainable and well supported way of life.

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Paolo Soleri Bridge and Plaza

I am and how,very excited on the upcoming official inauguration and opening of the Paolo Soleri Bridge and Plaza, this interesting Blog, , has detailed information on the calendar of events prior and during.Lots to be said on open air art and attractions for the public to enjoy, this very project will have an impact, impossible to quantify at the moment, most certainly will be a reference for both for residents and visitors.

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Hello world!

My would be first post,with WordPress,I am looking forward to using this “tool”with balance and strong desire of wishing to share with you all! Rosario Strano.

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Talking about YouTube – I cento passi (scena finale)

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WorldFEST 2010

 Phoenix Sister Cities hosts Fifth Annual WorldFEST 2010Celebrate international cultures with Kid’s World, food, music and entertainment at Phoenix Sister Cities WorldFEST 2010, March 26 – 28, at Heritage & SciencePark, 115 N. Sixth St. (Sixth and Van Buren streets) in Downtown Phoeniix.

The festival opens at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, March 26 with WorldLUNCH, a special event featuring international cuisine prepared by  top Valley restaurants. Tickets may be purchased in advance for $10 by calling 602-534-3751 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              602-534-3751      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or $12 at the gate. Each WorldLUNCH ticket includes tastes of international cuisine and sampling of beverages.
Participating Resturants:
  • Petite Maison – Chef James Porter
  • Mabel’s on Main – Chef Aaron May
  • Tim Finnegans
  • Pink Pepper Thai Cuisine
  • San Franscisco Chocholate Factory
  • Carolina’s
  • Honey Bears
  • Tuti Santi
  • Macaroni Grill
“WorldFEST 2010 is a one-of-a-kind family fun experience in Downtown Phoenix”, said Paula West, executive director of Phoenix Sister Cities. “Not only is the event a favorite among kids who have an opportunity to explore and learn firsthand about other cultures, but also adults love it too for the ongoing entertainment and huge Beer Garden.”
WorldFEST 2010 is a free three day festival being held on Friday, March 26, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 to 10 p.m., Saturday, March 27, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday, March 28 noon to 5 p.m. For more information and a complete list of scheduled events, visit or call 602-534-7358 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              602-534-7358      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.


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Amazing people can do amazing things

Private Citizens can as volunteers do amazing things! Citizens we are it! Friends please be aware of the incredible connections and the endless contributions you do to your community when you volunteer for an organization that supports a Sister City relationship, I have served in the Catania Committee Phoenix Sister Cities and it has amazed,we have a delegation in Sicily now and it is wow! Check this page out on Facebook!


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Cold start,have to go ways away today

Coldest day so far this year,have to travel some to get there!

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Sicilian Baroque

a nome del Comitato Catania Phoenix Sister Cities che presento un breve aggiornamento sull'importante evento del 6 di Dicembre.
A seguito della visita del Professore Thomas Puleo,visita che ha avuto un successo notevole grazie e sopratutto alla straordinaria collaborazione da parte Vostra,amici del comitato Phoenix ed amministrazione della Citta’ di Catania, si proporra'al pubblico in data 6 di Dicembre una presentazione sul "Barocco Siciliano dalle sue origini",presentazione accompagnata da video fotografia.
Hanno gia'confermato che saranno presenti Sindaci e rappresentanti di municipalita' di altre citta' limitrofe e quindi rappresentanti di circoli culturali ed associazioni della citta di Phoenix. 
Si e’ avuta conferma che Il console Generale Dottor Nicola Faganello sara’ presente, congiuntamente alla presenza del Vice Console Dottor Massimo Paolillo,massima rappresentanza diplomatica Italiana per lo Stato dell'Arizona sotto il cui auspicio si terra' detto evento.
E’ dovuto far presente e portare a conoscenza che il comitato Catania lavora a stretto contatto con l’Italian American Chamber of Commerce Phoenix Chapter,organizzazione fondata e diretta dalla Signora Mary Anne Desmond, si porta altresi a conoscenza che il Comitato Catania si pregia dell’amicia e collaborazione dell’ Arizona American Italian Club, che presta in modo regola locali ove il comitato stesso si riunisce.
Non nascondo che provo una grandissima gioia ed emozione a comunicarVi quanto sopra,anche perche' credo che continuiamo a confermare che si puo' riuscire a concludere progetti importanti con impegno serio e amore per quello in cui si crede.
Per il Comitato Catania Committee Phoenix Sister Cities
Per Patti Syverson,Presidente Catania Committee,
Rosario Strano.
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Il Piacere di fare una “semplice passeggiata”

Il Piacere di fare una passeggiata,”solamente una passeggiata” senza una meta o scopo altro che fare due passi tra la gente e con la gente, che piacere e che terapia di eccezzione poter “scaricare” lo stress accumulato,poter scambiare proprie opinioni, perche’ no promuovere nuove idee.La passeggiata come ” actionable marketing” esiste da tempo, ove il naturale allargamento del proprio network avveniva attraverso la presentazione di amico/a ad amico/a , da parente ad amico/a e cosi via. Quanta storia si e’ fatta attraverso le passeggiate,ricordo la mia infanzia quando fare due passi era il modo tipico di intrattenimento,senza annessi e connessi,senza telefonini che potessero interrompere conversazioni che spesso avevano peso,amicizie fondate su conversazioni e conoscenze approfondite da migliaia di “due passi” e chiaccherate kilometriche.Quanto altro si potrebbe scrivere,Grazie Salvo Vazzana per questo bel link, mi hai riportato indietro nel tempo.
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